Michal Ciesla

Michal Ciesla


Software developer, webdesigner, generic computer nerd, occasional mad scientist. But most importantly, a student of Unicorn College. I studied Computer science in high school, where I managed to achieve the Microsft Office Specialist and Cisco Certified Networking Associate certfifications, along with dozens of awards from various fields. I also participated in the Microsoft STC programme and finished in January 2018.

Alongside computers, my hobbies include applied chemistry, quantum mechanics and competitive dancing.

Sbírka gramatického nácka

Project of my own interest, where I gather the greatest language sins I stumble upon.


Taneční a fitness studio Kamily Hlaváčikové

Ongoing web application project of my home dance school. Built with Material Design Lite library, this project includes an online presentation, reservation system, applications system, information panels for members and cloud storge.

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Open Day

Back in the days of high school, I used to take part in various school events, including School Open Days. In 2017, I was tasked with creating design for that year and along with that, I made this guest registry.

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